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FOR 1845
DFG Research Unit
FOR 1845
Ultra-Precision High Performance Cutting (UP-HPC)

Project TP 4

Balancing of spindles for ultra-precision high speed milling

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Due to the high resulting centrifugal forces, high speed spindles required an extremely well balanced setup. This topic will be addressed in the fourth project of the UP-HPC research group. For the first time, an automatic system for precision balancing of air bearing spindles will developed, which would supersede manual balancing completely and thus considerably reduce setup times. The scientific challenge in this approach, however, is to be able to measure and compensate extremely small residual unbalances, which are below the detection threshold of conventional sensor systems.

Research institutes

bime, Universität Bremen
Contact: M. Sc. Nasrin Parsa (

LFM, Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering IWT
Contact: M. Sc. Timo Dörgeloh (