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FOR 1845
DFG Research Unit
FOR 1845
Ultra-Precision High Performance Cutting (UP-HPC)

Project TP 2

Ultra-precision high speed milling

Temperaturverteilung in der Scherzone beim Diamantdrehen von Messing CuZn39Pb3 mit niedriger (links) und mit hoher (rechts) Schnittgeschwindigkeit (FEM-Simulation mit DEFORM®)
Picture 1: Temperature distribution in the shear zone for diamond turning of brass CuZn39Pb3 at low (left) and high (right) cutting speed (FE-simulation using DEFORM®)

The focus of the second project (TP2) is the scientific evaluation of high-speed-cutting (HSC) in diamond milling, by analyzing its effect on the wear of the diamond tools as well as on the surface integrity of the machined workpiece. Special attention will be given to difficult to machine and brittle materials, such as hardened steel, polycarbonate, silicon, optical glass and ceramics, which could benefit from this technology.

Research institute

LFM, Universität Bremen
Contact: M. Sc. Daniel Berger (